DNAFDongfeng-Nissan Automotive Finance (China)
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Results: Our results revealed a significant post-thaw rise in sperm DNAf compared with fresh samples (p=0.0003).
Deleterious effects of oxidative stress can result in several structural alterations of spermatozoa, such as protein fragmentation, lipid peroxidation and DNA fragmentation (DNAf) (7).
Our present study aimed at demonstrating the effect of cryopreservation on sperm DNAf and investigating the possible effects of sperm capacitation and leptin incubation on frozen-thawed sperm DNAf and oxidative stress.
DNAf was performed to compare FR versus F-T; F-T versus F-Tcap; F-Tcap versus F-TcapL.
Paired t test was used to compare DNAf between groups before and after freeze-thaw cycle, to compare groups before and after capacitation and leptin incubation and oxidative measurements before and after leptin incubation.
Sperm DNAf: There was a significant increase in sperm DNAf evaluation after freeze-thaw cycle compared to evaluation with the same fresh raw sample (FR=17.6[+ or -]1.7, F-T=36.2[+ or -]3.5; p=0.0003; figure 1A).
Sperm DNAf was significantly reduced when sperm capacitation was performed before freezing samples, when compared to those frozen with no previous capacitation (raw).
There appears to be some contradictions concerning whether or not freezing can affect and the extent of the effect on sperm DNAf (4, 27).