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DNATDestination Network Address Translation
DNATDiplôme National d'Arts et Techniques (French: Arts and Techniques National Diploma)
DNATDivision Nationale Anti-Terroriste (French: National Anti-Terrorist Division; France)
DNATDynamic Network Address Translation
DNATDefense Nuclear Advisory Team
DNATDeutsch Niederländische Amateurfunker Tage (German: German-Dutch Amateur Radio Days; est. 1969)
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1) Both MT6D and DNAT can reduce the success rate of a malicious adversary's intrusion effectively by endpoint information hopping.
Figures 8 and 9 show the defense cost and benefits of MT6D and DNAT, respectively, by calculating and implementing in different hopping periods.
The following conclusion can be drawn after analyzing: (1) both the defense cost and benefits of MT6D and DNAT decrease with the increase of hopping period.
Finally, the proposed method is used to evaluate the effectiveness of MT6D and DNAT.
Optaglio now represents DNAT exclusively in the UK, Eastern Europe and CIS while DNAT will be Optaglio's exclusive representative in the USA and Canada.
DNAT is moving its headquarters to the US East Coast, 'a better strategic sales location', according to Nicolette.