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DNCDemocratic National Committee
DNCDemocratic National Convention
DNCDelaware North Companies
DNCDo Not Call
DNCDomain Name Commissioner
DNCDoes Not Conform
DNCDeclared Net Capacity (power generation)
DNCDistributed National Collection
DNCDance Courses
DNCDynamic Network Controller
DNCDynamic Noise Covering
DNCDomestic Names Committee
DNCDermatology Nurse Certified
DNCDay-Night Capability
DNCDelayed Neutron Counter
DNCDirector, Naval Communications
DNCDistributed Network Conference
DNCDirectorate of National Coordination
DNCData Name Card
DNCDisco Night Culture
DNCDoes Not Compute
DNCDepartmento Nacional de Cafe (Brazil)
DNCDisaster Nursing Chairman
DNCDo Not Change
DNCDiocese of Natchitoches Collection (Louisiana)
DNCDirect Network Cabling (systems)
DNCDo Not Cross
DNCDid Not Compete (racing)
DNCDo Not Carry
DNCDo/Does Not Care
DNCDynamic Neural Control
DNCDirect Numerical Control
DNCDistributed Numerical Control
DNCDrill and Ceremony
DNCDo Nothing Congress (politics)
DNCDynamic Network Configuration
DNCDowntown Norfolk Council (Norfolk, VA)
DNCDistributed Network Computing
DNCDistributed Network Control
DNCDigital Nautical Chart
DNCDilation and Curettage
DNCDeveloping Nations Committee (International Federation of Accountants)
DNCDistrict of North Cowichan (British Columbia)
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We respectfully request that the DNC remove the penalty for presidential candidates who participate in more than the six sanctioned debates.
Working in conjunction with the DNC committee, Verizon identified over 75 hotels in the Charlotte area that will host DNC delegates and guests.
TRAI regulations have become stricter and more cumbersome to manage DNC lists.
A spokesman for Adecco, which is the world's largest staffing group, also said the DNC bid was unrelated to its approach for Michael Page.
Contrary to the author's assertions, the DNC has a hard-working professional team working on this vital project in-house.
Though he talks with other operatives about how to include lawyers in a Democratic 72-hour effort, he's still waiting for the DNC, the 527s, or one of the campaigns to call.
Adds Wunderman: "The segment of the population that DNC is hitting the most are employees in rural areas or welfare-to-work people" in inner cities who don't have many employment options.
All the three arrested Pakistanis are members of an international racket of drug smugglers," DNC Director General Modabbir Hossain Chowdhury, who led the operation, said.
employee of the Lippo Group, a giant Indonesian company, whose associates have contributed lavishly to the DNC.
The DNC kit makes five claims: CSE "misused statistics and data in advertisements and press conferences" when it opposed the Clinton budget; when CSE founder David Koch ran for vice president as a Libertarian in 1980, the party "platform called for the elimination of Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security"; CSE Chairman James Miller "slashed Medicare spending when he was Ronald Reagan's Budget Director in the mid-1980's"; CSE "hides behind innocuous sounding names to disguise their true intentions and interests"; and CSE has joined a "far right wing.
The original DNC system, installed by a computer manufacturer for Convair in 1979, cost several million dollars.
SAN DIEGO -- Diversified Nano Corporation ("DNC") is pleased to announce that Hewlett Packard Company ("HP") has selected DNC to supply high performance MICR ink (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) for use with HP's high speed Inkjet Web Presses.