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DNCDemocratic National Committee
DNCDemocratic National Convention
DNCDelaware North Companies
DNCDo Not Call
DNCDomain Name Commissioner
DNCDoes Not Conform
DNCDeclared Net Capacity (power generation)
DNCDistributed National Collection
DNCDance Courses
DNCDynamic Network Controller
DNCDynamic Noise Covering
DNCDomestic Names Committee
DNCDermatology Nurse Certified
DNCDay-Night Capability
DNCDelayed Neutron Counter
DNCDirector, Naval Communications
DNCDistributed Network Conference
DNCDirectorate of National Coordination
DNCData Name Card
DNCDisco Night Culture
DNCDoes Not Compute
DNCDepartmento Nacional de Cafe (Brazil)
DNCDisaster Nursing Chairman
DNCDo Not Change
DNCDiocese of Natchitoches Collection (Louisiana)
DNCDirect Network Cabling (systems)
DNCDo Not Cross
DNCDid Not Compete (racing)
DNCDo Not Carry
DNCDo/Does Not Care
DNCDynamic Neural Control
DNCDirect Numerical Control
DNCDistributed Numerical Control
DNCDrill and Ceremony
DNCDo Nothing Congress (politics)
DNCDynamic Network Configuration
DNCDowntown Norfolk Council (Norfolk, VA)
DNCDistributed Network Computing
DNCDistributed Network Control
DNCDigital Nautical Chart
DNCDilation and Curettage
DNCDeveloping Nations Committee (International Federation of Accountants)
DNCDistrict of North Cowichan (British Columbia)
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the Clinton campaign and the DNC itself are scrambling for damage control.
Brazile writes that soon after taking the DNC job, she discovered evidence of a "secret takeover" by the Clinton campaign.
It's just more detail of what we already knew, which was that the Clinton campaign had a heavy hand at the DNC, if not outright control of the DNC.
The victory fund agreement was reached by the DNC under the leadership of Brazile's predecessor as chair, Rep.
The Clinton campaign and the DNC, through the law firm, continued to fund Fusion GPSEs research through the end of October 2016, days before Election Day.
Based mostly on the cumulatively unique technical experience of our ex-NSA colleagues, we have been saying for almost a year that the DNC data reached WikiLeaks via a copy/leak by a DNC insider.
The DNC says its Victory Leaders Councils are volunteer-driven but will "work closely" with the leadership of the Clinton campaign in each state.
Continue reading "Julian Assange Implies Jewish DNC Staffer Seth Rich Was Murdered for Leaking to Wikileaks" at.
The leaked emails apparently show that the DNC was working to boost HC's campaign as far back as May 2015.
Allegedly, the DNC and their Chair violated their own bylaws by being partial, and raising over $100 million dollars for the Clinton Campaign.
By participating in this project, DNC and Hitachi will contribute to the advancement of social infrastructures in Papua New Guinea, and to the preservation of the marine environment.
With the acquisition of Dostek and its intellectual property, Memex intends to further enhance the DNC capabilities of its MERLIN shop floor communications platform.