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DNCBDomiciliary Nursing Care Benefit (Australia)
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Delayed type hypersensitivity assay: There was change in skin thickness observed in all groups at 24, 48 and 72 hours following application of DNCB (Dinitro chloro benzene).
The higher cellular immune responses in administered birds might be due to the delayed type hypersensitivity and/or stimulatory effects of biomolecules on macrophages that may lead to increase in thickness of toe web in response to PHA-P and DNCB (T-cell mitogens).
The initial stage of ACD: The BALB/c mice were sensitized with 80 [micro]l of 5% DNCB solution on day 1 and day 2 (40 [micro]l applied to the shaved abdominal skin, and 20 [micro]l to both ears).
Ketoprofen at 1mg/kg, and 5mg/kg suppressed the DTH response 24hrs after the application of DNCB challenge.
Other treatments that have been used with some success include: minoxidil, anthralin, DNCB, SADBE, PUVA, cyclosporine.
Systemic manifestations such as fever, arthralgia and yellowish discoloration of hair are noted more often with DNCB.
The DNCB, acetone, and ethanoic acid for this experiment were domestically-produced and analytically pure.
Contact sensitivity to DNCB in normal and cell mediated immunity deficient chickens: In vivo detection and correlation with lymphocyte transformation and graft versus host reaction.
On first exposure to a strong sensitizer such as DNCB, most subjects develop a local reaction after 5-25 days.
Skin thickness was measured immediately prior to and after applying the challenging dose of DNCB on 8th day of the experiment.