DNCGDigital Null Command Generator
DNCGDiluted Non-Condensible Gas
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Uefa chief Michel Platini is keen to introduce something similar to the DNCG on a Europe-wide basis and as an increasing number of clubs fall deeper into debt, support for such a plan is rapidly gathering momentum.
It is financial regulations of the DNCG which has made French football so uncompetitive in Europe.
Leur deficit ne cesse de se creuser, comme l'a souligne la DNCG : 34.
On the other hand, I am in the process of working to put in place a European DNCG.
Raouraoua a egalement avoue les difficultes rencontrees pour le lancement de la DNCG (Direction du controle de gestion), organisme necessaire pour preserver la rigueur financiere des clubs.
The DNCG had previously forbidden PSG to sign any new players due to their large debts.