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DNCLDo Not Call List
DNCLDaily Non-Conforming Log
DNCLDrikung Ngaden Chöling (Medelon, Germany)
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This week, the CRTC also issued a decision finding that Robert Gendron, carrying on business as Dynique Restoration and Victorian Restoration, failed to register with or subscribe to the National DNCL.
Canada's DNCL has exemptions for firms the have existing business relationships (EBRs) with consumers, defined as 18 months from the last transaction and six months from the last interaction.
The concern in Canada was to keep the costs of die DNCL registry down, and we felt that it was not an unwarranted imposition on consumers to re-register," explains the CMAs Hill.
Before making any calls, they will need to be sure they are using a version of the National DNCL that is not older than 31 days, and that they do not call the home phone, cellular and fax numbers that are on the list.