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DNCLDo Not Call List
DNCLDaily Non-Conforming Log
DNCLDrikung Ngaden Chöling (Medelon, Germany)
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"The National DNCL and Telemarketing Rules ensure that telemarketers respect the wishes of Canadians regarding telemarketing calls, and give us recourse to address complaints about those who do not."
The most common violations include: receiving a call despite being registered on the National DNCL for more than 31 days, receiving a call outside of permitted calling hours, and telemarketers refusing to add a consumer's name to their own do not call lists.
The National DNCL operator receives around 300 complaints from Canadians every day.
"The concern in Canada was to keep the costs of die DNCL registry down, and we felt that it was not an unwarranted imposition on consumers to re-register," explains the CMAs Hill.
The DNCL fees range from $55 per month for one area code to Si 1,280 for all area codes annually.