DNDCDenitrification-Decomposition (computer simulation)
DNDCDon't Know, Don't Care
DNDCDanforth Neighbourhood Dental Centre (Canada)
DNDCDespacho Nacional de Cargas (Spanish: National Load Dispatch)
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Abdalla M, Wattenbach M, Smith P, Ambus P, Jones M, Williams M (2009) Application of the DNDC model to predict emissions of [N.sub.2]O from Irish agriculture.
CLM-CN-[N.sub.2]O is based on the DNDC model (Li et al.
Land use type and soil texture in this study are wetlands and silt loam, respectively, which were set directly in the options of DNDC model.
"More than 1,400 researchers and stakeholders worldwide use the DNDC model on over 40 agricultural crops to assess the effects of various management practices on greenhouse gas emissions," says Allison Jordan, CSWA executive director.
Thus, the combined investigation of biological processes (considered extensively in models such as DNDC and ExpertN with the exclusion of dynamics of metal cations) and geochemical processes (considered in models such as PHREEQC2 and Minteq where nitrification is not yet sufficiently considered) should receive more attention in research if the aim is to advance the knowledge of nutrient dynamics and the prediction of long-term effects of N fertilisation on base cation availability.
First refractivce index measurements of each solution are carefully measured to obrain dndc (refractive index changes with concentration) of each solution.
Interviews from agricultural workers in the area of the watershed provided detailed input parameters to DNDC (a carbon inventory model).
A preparation of 5 dilutions of increasing concentration is made, to obtain the dn/dc of the sample, injecting straight into the Optilab and using the DNDC software.
There are a number of other models that are currently used (e.g., DNDC [Li et al.
DayCent, APS1M, DNDC, WNMM, NOE) explicitly deal with each of these processes with varying degrees of process understanding and empiricism (Li et al.
The modelling work performed with the DNDC model can be applied for assessment of Lithuanian territorial soils according to the total carbon and carbon dioxide.