DNDPDivision of Neuropharmacological Drug Products (US Food and Drug Administration)
DNDPDouleur Neuropathique Diabétique Périphérique (French: Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathic Pain)
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[48] formulated a time-dependent DNDP framework to address the project scheduling problem; Ukkusuri and Patil [49] developed a multiperiod flexible network design model with demand uncertainty and demand elasticity; Hosseininasab and Shetab-Boushehri [50] integrated project selection and scheduling into a single time-dependent DNDP model.
Hence, despite the fact that it maybe more computationally expensive, the discrete network design problem (DNDP) with solely discrete variables (see [14-22]) and the mixed network design problem (MNDP) with both continuous and discrete variables (see [23-26]) are still worth investigating.
[7] pointed out the three drawbacks of the static NDP models when compared with the dynamic NDP (DNDP) models.
The adjustable robust counterpart (ARC) of system-optimal DNDP (SODNDP) can be reformulated as the computationally tractable affinely adjustable robust counterpart (AARC) of SODNDP by using prescribed uncertainty set and the affine decision rule.
Since the decision variables are discrete, the final formulation obtained is more similar to the discrete network design problem (DNDP).
If link a is selected, [n.sub.a] equals 1, otherwise 0, which is very similar to the discrete network design problem (DNDP).