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DNEDoes Not Exist
DNEDo Not Enter
DNEDoes Not Equal
DNEDo Not Exceed (library budget)
DNEDeterministic Network Enhancer
DNEDivision of Narcotics Enforcement (Iowa State Police)
DNEDiabetes Nurse Educator (UK)
DNEDirected Nuclease Editor (trademark of Precision BioSciences, Inc.)
DNEDouble Negation Elimination (logic)
DNEDetached National Expert
DNEDo Not Enable (electronics manufacturing)
DNEDallas Nissan Enthusiasts
DNEDune Energy, Inc (stock symbol)
DNEDuluth and Northeastern Railroad Company
DNEDeterministic Nested Encoder
DNEDelta North Elementary (Delta, Utah, USA)
DNEDaily News Express (newspaper; Monroe County, TN)
DNEDo Not Equip (electronics manufacturing)
DNEDomain Name Email
DNEDo Not Erase
DNEData Network Equipment
DNEDigital Network Engineer
DNEDedicated Network Environment
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The rest 90% of the patients are widely prescribed CT PNS as a part of routine evaluation of rhinosinusitis without a proper DNE.
El Ensayo Europeo de Investigadores en Acalasia, estudio aleatorizado multicentrico internacional publicado en 2011 incluyo 199 pacientes sometidos a DNE o MHD con un seguimiento promedio de 43 meses.
allowed claims from US Patent Applications 13,246,270, 13/246,346, 13/246,380 and European Patent Application 10 191 888 and are said to further augment the company's ability to protect its proprietary DNE technology.
So, apart from VPT, we also assessed monofilament, tuning fork, ankle reflex, the DNS and DNE scores for evaluation of peripheral neuropathy.
Both she and Harry Hopkins, who headed the Works Projects Administration (WPA), were sympathetic to employment of blacks, but they did run into problems when Laurence Oxley, Director of Negro Labor, followed the DNE model of federal state administration: local offices often resisted desegregation.
About Ultra Electronics DNE Technologies For over fifty years, Ultra Electronics DNE Technologies has provided communications devices to the US Department of Defense, Homeland Security and other government agencies.
Thus the expression two or five in that example behaves only as an ordinary disjunction, not as a DNE.
DNE provides materials management, systems level manufacturing and testing expertise to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the industrial controls, factory automation and medical equipment industries.
Precision's DNE technology allows for highly precise gene editing with engineered nucleases, a technique named Method of the Year by Nature Methods.
1, mucosal changes in nasal cavity were visualized only on DNE and not on CT scan.
The allowance of the claims of the European application follow the company's recently allowed claims from US Patent Applications 13/246,270, 13/246,346, 13/246,380, 13/245,607, and 13/245,596 and will allow Precision to protect an aspect of its proprietary DNE technology in Europe and the US.
Ultra Electronics DNE Technologies, a leading provider of protocol converter equipment for the defense industry, announces the launch of its Satellite Fiber Link (SFL) module set for the CV-MCU2+ platform.