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DNFDid Not Finish (racing)
DNF.NET Framework (Microsoft)
DNFDuke Nukem Forever
DNFDo Not Fit (electronics)
DNFDroits des Non Fumeurs (French: Non-Smokers Rights)
DNFDynamic Network Factory
DNFDigital National Framework
DNFDevice not Found
DNFDandified Yum (software)
DNFDo Not Forward
DNFDigital National Framework (UK)
DNFDynamic Network Factory, Inc.
DNFDeep Neck Flexor
DNFDo Not Fix (software bug)
DNFDo Not Freeze (USAP)
DNFDungeon and Fighter (video game)
DNFDo Not Forget
DNFDefense Nuclear Facilities
DNFDeschutes National Forest (Oregon)
DNFDoes Not Follow (mathematical proofs)
DNFDominant-Negative Form (genetics)
DNFDynamic No Fins (swimming)
DNFDirection Nationale des Formations (French: National Directorate of Training)
DNFDo Not Fax
DNFDomain Name Forum
DNFData Not Found
DNFDigital Noise Filter
DNFDanmarks Nationale Front (Danish: Denmark's National Front)
DNFDisjunctive/Disjoint Normal Form
DNFDown 'n Floundering (racing)
DNFSecond Disjunctive Normal Form
DNFDomain Name Finder
DNFDid Not Find
DNFDoes Not Function
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"We are excited to work together as one with DNF Controls," commented Chris Exelby, Managing Director, TSL Products.
Secrecy Outage Probability for the System with Full-Duplex DnF Relays
Ash Hand took a fourth and a ninth place in his two Renault UK Clio Cup races whilst Paul Streather had a DNF and an 18th on his season debut after his accident at Brands Hatch at the opening round.
[6] There was also much uncertainty about the manner of death for injury deaths, as there is no field for such information on the DNF, and doctors often fail to report it in the cause-of-death section.
GB short track coach Nicky Gooch, explaining the DNF ruling, said: "The referee has said Elise didn't cross the line.
Overall, it was Di Resta's fifth DNF in 13 races, a staggering number when you consider he had endured only four over the course of his previous two full campaigns.
In 2010, about 30% of women did not finish (DNF) and about 35% of men recorded a DNF in World Cup slalom races (FISb, 2010).
The official result is listed as DNF, but just being there was a significant achievement.
BUTTON'S S ILVERSTONE RECORD Year Team Qualifying Race 2000 Williams 6th 5th 2001 Benetton 18th 15th 2002 Renault 12th DNF (wheel,classified12th*) 2003 BAR 20th 8th 2004 BAR 3rd 4th 2005 BAR 3rd 5th 2006 Honda 19th DNF(oilleak) 2007 Honda 18th 10th 2008 Honda 17th DNF(s pin) 2009 Brawn 6th 6th 2010 McLaren 14th 4th 2011 McLaren 5th DNF( wheel) 2012 McLaren 18th -
After all the hard work through the weekend we were finally in a strong position for the race but everything just fell apart, literally." A driveshaft failure, something which Sailesh's Lotus Sport UK squad hadn't experienced in their three-year existence, was zeroed-in as the culprit for the DNF.
Key losses (17.5): Melissa Gergel (1st, pole vault); Jamesha Youngblood (3rd, long jump; DNF, 4x100 relay); Michele Williams (3rd, 4x400 relay); Mandy White (DNF, 4x100 relay).