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DNIDirector of National Intelligence
DNIDocumento Nacional de Identidad (Spanish: National Identity Document; various nations)
DNIDiversity & Inclusion
DNIDo not Interrupt
DNIDirect Normal Irradiation (renewable energy)
DNIDistributable Net Income
DNIDirector of Naval Intelligence
DNIDo Not Intubate
DNIDirect Normal Irradiance
DNIDrexel Nanotechnology Institute (Drexel University; Philadelphia, PA)
DNIDo Not Increase
DNIDefensa de Niñas y Niños Internacional (Spanish)
DNIDigital Network Intelligence (computer network analysis)
DNIDo Not Install (electronic circuit board parts bill of materials & schematics for )
DNIDialed Number Identification
DNIDigital Network Interface
DNIDirect Neural Interface
DNIDesktop Network Interface
DNIDavid Nicholas International (cosmetic training facility; Rowley, MA)
DNIDECnet Network Interface
DNIData Network Interface
DNIDo Not Implement
DNIDunedin North Intermediate (school; New Zealand)
DNIDo Not Inventory
DNIDigital NATO Interface
DNIDistributed Net Income
DNIData Non-incorporation
DNIDigital Negotiation Information Signal
DNIDynamic Network Interface
DNIDo Not Implant (medical devices)
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Gordon, the current Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence as DNI replacing Dan Coats, Trump brought in an outsider, Joseph Maguire, to lead the 16-member United States Intelligence Community (USIC).
In May 2015, OFAC asked DNI to supply it with information related to its involvement in the sale and shipment of farm equipment to Sudan, in violation of the U.S.
Thus, the net fiduciary accounting income will be higher than the DNI as calculated in Schedule B of Form 1041, and the beneficiary gets a reduction in income taxes.
As DNI, Coats has been a model of intelligence objectivity, even under White House pressure earning him the respect of career intelligence professionals.
Coats got behind the National Intelligence helms back in March 2017, replacing the Barack Obama-era DNI chef James Clapper.
Among DNI's recent awards was a second F-35 Lightning II Program contract with the Joint Program Office under the executive officer, U.S.
Additionally, Vistadash will continue to be an agnostic platform and will integrate with every DNI provider in the space.
The horse wagon carriage premiered on August 18th, 1968 during the sixth year of folk festival Jaacutenoscaroniacutekove dni."The tradition established fifty years ago remains strong.
The goals of the study were (1) to assess the feasibility of delivering an intensive, 2-week DNI training for people with PD, (2) to investigate the effects of DNI training versus an in-home learning and exercise program that included frequent staff checkups (herein referred to as "learning/exercise") on imagery abilities and disease severity and symptoms in a cohort of individuals with mild-moderate PD, and (3) to explore DNI impact on motor, spatial cognitive, and psychological function.
Anywhere from 64 to 116 civilians may have been killed in drone strikes between President Barack Obama's first term in 2009 and the end of last year, the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) said in the report.
Marcelo Elizondo, director of the DNI consultant and author of a new report on the main markets for Argentine products, said the Venezuelan position must be read in the sense that EaAoEeACEeoepolicies define international trade relationsEaAoEeACEeA[yen].
In order to understand how to compute the undistributed net investment income of a trust, it is necessary to comprehend the meaning of distributable net income (DNI).