DNIFDivision Nationale des Investigations Financières (French: National Division of Financial Investigations)
DNIFDuty Not Involving/Including Flying (US DoD)
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So instead of being DNIF, I was able to take a mission the next day and fly overseas for eight hours and accomplish my mission without pain."
Staff members occasionally provided DNIF [duty not involving flying] cover when a crewmember got sick, but it didn't happen often, and I wanted to get into the action one way or another.
(18.) Our seminar was concerned that training and effectiveness would atrophy if commanders only manned the AOC with aviators whose current duty status did not include flying (DNIF) or with the otherwise unemployed unit members.
In the third article, "Against DNIF," Jonathan Young challenges a theory that Manfred von Richthofen--the famed World War I Red Baron--was brought down due to a severe brain injury which should have grounded him.