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DNISDialed Number Identification Service
DNISDatabases in Networked Information Systems (conference)
DNISDialed Number Information Service
DNISDisability News and Information Service (India)
DNISDestination Number Information Service
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Although the primary cause of DNI was tonsillopharyngeal infection (70-80% of all cases) before the widespread use of antibiotics, in time, the prevalent source of DNIs has been confirmed to be odontogenic in both non-elderly and elderly adult patients (5).
The log-rolling and infighting that produced the unwieldy DNI structure is explained in a fascinating new book, "Blinking Red," by Michael Allen, former staff director of the House intelligence committee and now with Beacon Global Strategies.
Highlighting the risk of death due to airway obstruction is the recent number of coronial inquiries in Australia following the deaths of patients with DNI due to postoperative airway obstruction.
The use of technological features such as Automatic Number Identification (ANI) and Dialed Number Identification System (DNIS) permits the practice of advanced database marketing.
The advanced reporting package includes over 200 preset report templates plus DNIS call tracking, which allows Network for Good to identify the inbound call traffic derived from their various 800 donor numbers and provide campaign feedback to their charity partners.
Director, leaving DNIs responsible for coordinating the interagency
Envox CTI Link enables developers to quickly and easily incorporate sophisticated CTI functions such as screen pops, intelligent call routing, transfers based on user-entered data, transfers based on call data (ANI or DNIS), predictive dialing, call recording and call monitoring into the voice solutions needed by customers today.
* DNIS (Dialed Number Identification Service) that identify a particular toll-free number dialed for better reporting in multiple campaigns.
With Teltone's OfficeLink 2000, teleworkers have access to features such as DNIS and ANI, transfer, conference, speed dial, visual message waiting, and supervisor notification.
Additionally, using the ProfitWatch hot spot map indicator and DNIS call reports, hoteliers can track marketing campaigns to target geographic regions and potentially increase bookings.