DNLADigital Living Network Alliance
DNLADiscovery Networks Latin America
DNLADiscovery of Natural Latent Abilities
DNLADanish National Library Authority
DNLADalia & Nathaniel Lichfield Associates (UK)
DNLADowntown New London Association (Connecticut, USA)
DNLADevelopment of Natural Latent Abilities
DNLADelaware Nursery and Landscaping Association
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Many researches found that DNLA have the pharmacological activities include neuroprotective effect, anti-inflammatory and anti-A[beta] injury, etc.
The rest rats were intraperitoneally injected with cefotaxime sodium after palinesthesia, and continually administrated with DNLA at 20 mg/kg/8 h, 40 mg/kg/8 h for 7 d.
Much of the credit for that achievement goes to DNLA general manager Dawn McCall.
DLNA, the standardization organization promoting the adoption of DNLA standards, has announced that the number of DNLA-compliant devices distributed worldwide reached 281 million in 2009, and is expected to top 1.
Offering a much broader range of devices than its rival, it also one-ups Sonos with proper support for high-res audio as well as offering compatibility with Airplay, DNLA and Bluetooth devices allowing you to beam any music direct from your phone or even send audio to wireless headphones for private listening.
Other key features and benefits include:A[cedilla] Built-in media server to connect to DNLA compatible digital entertainment devicesA[cedilla] Once touch transfer of media files from digital camera/camcorder via Direct Copy featureA[cedilla] Seamless integration with iTunesA7 to access music files on LinkStation Live from iTunes softwareA[cedilla] Easy set-up with no drivers requiredA[cedilla] Ability to expand capacity by adding USB 2.
Unique ARCHOS add-ons for Ice Cream Sandwich include full 1080p support for most video codecs, movies and TV shows description and subtitles automatic download, wireless content sharing between your device and any computer or DNLA compatible TV' and 3D video support for MKV3D files.
The Link is controlled by an accompanying free smartphone app which supports streaming services such as Spotify, Napster and Tune-In Radio, as well as playback of MP3 and hi-res audio files from DNLA networked drives.
There are some notable omissions in its catch-up TV offerings - ITV Player, All 4 and Demand 5 are all missing - and the DNLA gripes will render that feature pointless for some users.
Operated and powered with a world-class set of advanced consumer electronics, XStreamHD's solution includes an HD Media Server that forms the hub of this latest HD entertainment innovation, through which consumers have access to HD content that can be multi-streamed to any XStreamHD Media Receiver or other DNLA Certified[TM] device in the home including HDTVs, laptops, audio equipment and game consoles.
Blackwell expects the inclusion of DLNA support in the upcoming Windows 7 operating system to give DNLA a further push into the living room and beyond.
Several flat panel HDTVs feature the company's Wireless DNLA technology while select Blu-ray players are WiFi-enabled and include a wireless dongle for easy connectivity.