DNMSDet Norske Medicinske Selskab (Norwegian: The Norwegian Medical Society)
DNMSDevelopmental Needs Meeting Strategy (psychotherapy)
DNMSDelayed Non-Matching to Sample Task (neurobiology test for memory deficits)
DNMSDistributed Network Management System
DNMSDelayed Neutron Monitoring Subsystem
DNMSDynamic Network Management System (US DoD)
DNMSDoes Not Make Sense
DNMSDhyan Network Management System (storage network management)
DNMSDigital Network Management System (public safety communications interoperability)
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Analysis of these trios yielded more than 45,000 'de novo' mutation (DNMs).
With all of these genes, we were able to explain about 51 per cent of the DNM burden in our dataset.
Older fathers have previously been shown to contribute a higher number of DNMs to their children than younger fathers (26, 27).
None of the DNMs identified in our study were found in ClinVar.
In the letter, we mainly research the evolution of Airy beam propagation in optical film with DNMs, but what we want to emphasize is that our optical film model is 1D periodic slab system, with its period number being very small and each unit is measured in metre in order to conveniently observe beam transmission mechanism.
However, from the above discussion, we can come to the conclusion that the self-recovery and self-reproducing Airy beam can be achieved in long distance by using periodic slab system with DNMs as long as [n.sub.l] = -[n.sub.r], L = Z; the result is very important to form stable and excellent beam quality.
The after-hours DNMs also manage the theatre teams, which are all on-call after hours.
The DNMs often have to provide clinical assistance to the first--and second-year house surgeons.
At present, RCR emitted by charged particles in double-negative metamaterials (DNMs) has not been directly observed, because there are many challenges in experiment, especially in fabricating DNM worked in vacuum.
An Adjusted Fielding Percentage can be calculated by summing ground-ball stops, assists on ground balls, unassisted putouts, assisted ground-ball putouts, assists on unforced base-running plays, and difficult plays (every opportunity a player has to make an error or fail to make a difficult play), subtracting errors and DNMs, and dividing by the revised total chances, which are obtained by summing ground-ball stops, assisted putouts, unassisted putouts, fly-ball putouts, and assists.
However, human infants generally cannot succeed in the standard DNMS, even with delays of only 5-10 sec, until they are 21 months old (Diamond 1990; Overman et al.
It soon became obvious that clinical nurse managers (CNMs) shared much in common with the DNMs, as we deal with the same issues.