DNNFDeterministic Nnf
DNNFDecomposable Nnf
DNNFDecomposable Negation Normal Form
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Enumerating the solutions of a DNNF: This operation can be used to generate diagnoses.
Each one of these operations can be implemented by simply traversing the structure of a DNNF while performing a simple operation at each node in the DNNE For example, to compute the minimum cardinality of any DNNF solution, all we need to do is the following:
For each leaf node in the DNNF, assign the number 0 if the node represents a positive literal and I if it represents a negative literal.
The diagnostic evaluator depicted in figure 10 is simply a piece of software that implements the subset of DNNF operations necessitated by the given domain application.
To give some feel of the resources required by an embedded system, a compiled Lisp evaluator that implements all DNNF operations can take less than 25 kilobytes to store.