DNOCDinitro-Ortho-Cresol (toxicant)
DNOCDeployable Network Operations Center
DNOCDaily Newspaper of Choice
DNOCDissolved Natural Organic Carbon
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The DNOC software has been designed by our local engineers to ensure smooth selection of well testing and uninterrupted storage of well testing data.
binapacryl; DNOC and its salts; ethylene dichloride; ethylene oxide; monocrotophos; parathion; toxaphene and dustable powder formulations containing a combination of benomyl at or above 7 per cent, carbofuran at or above 10% and thiram at or above 15%; actinolite asbestos; anthophyllite asbestos; amosite asbestos; tremolite asbestos; tetraethyl lead and tetramethyl lead; parathion; and chrysotile asbestos.
Final decisions on imports into the Community (C(2004)1496) are thus taken in respect of: actinolite, anthophyllite, amosite, crocidolite, tremolite and DNOC, substances recently added to the list of products subject to the procedure.
The committee also considered the five forms of asbestos not currently covered by the convention, as well as the pesticides Granox TBC/Spinox T, a fungicide/ insecticide mixture used by peanut farmers, and DNOC, used as an insecticide, weedkiller, and fungicide.