DNOPDiplôme National d'Orientation Professionnelle (French: National Diploma of Vocational Training; various universities)
DNOPDirectorate of Naval Officers Postings (Royal Australian Navy)
DNOPDirector, Naval Ocean Meteorology
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All the investigated calibration curves were obtained by the acceptable correlation coefficients ([R.sup.2] > 0.99) at five concentrations ranging from 0.05 to 5 [micro]g/g for DBP, BBP, DEHA, DEHP, DNOP, and DOTP and from 0.15 to 15 [micro]g/g for DINP and DIDP, respectively.
DMP, DEP, DBP, DNOP were chosen as the analogues for DEHP to estimate the selective adsorption of SMIP and SNIP.
Since MOP is a metabolite of DnOP [22], our study has identified exposure to DnOP as a potentially important contributor to ocular complications of diabetes.
Low molecular weight phthalates, for example di-methyl phthalate (DMP), DBP, are present in cosmetic products (nail polish, perfumes, facial creams, shampoos, body lotions ...), while high molecular weight phthalates, for example DEHP, BBzP, DNOP, DINP, DIDP, are present in plastic containers, adhesives, clothes of raincoat type and plastic products with polyvinyl chloride which is added in order to improve flexibility [4].
In early-2004, I was where you probably are now--sitting in my cabin as Deputy Supply Officer HMAS Warramunga, having just completed my Supply Charge Board and wondering what to do next--when the naval message advertising this position was released by the Directorate of Navy Officers Postings (DNOP).
The key amendment passed by the European Parliament extends the EU-wide ban on three phthalates - DINDP, DIDP and DNOP - to all toys and childcare articles.
Three other variants, DINP, DIDP and DNOP, will be banned in toys and other child care items that can be placed in the mouth.
'The three other phthalates (DINP, DIDP and DNOP) will only be prohibited in toys and childcare articles for children under three and which are intended to be sucked on or chewed.'
The ban is directed specifically at toys intended to be placed in the mouths of children under three, manufactured in soft PVC, and containing one or more of the substances DINP, DEHP, DBP, DIDP, DNOP and BBP.Decision 1999/815/EC was adopted on the basis of article 9 of Directive 92/59/EEC concerning general product safety.
federal government enacted legislation in 2008 that bans the use of DnBP, BBzP, and DEHP in any amount > 0.1% in child care articles including toys and placed an interim restriction on DiNP, DiDP, and di-n-octyl phthalate (DnOP) in toys that can be put in a child's mouth [Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) 2008; U.S.
Other studies phthalates were observed in such a range among fishes as DEHP was ( 02.01 (Mu)g g [?]1 ) , DNoP ( 0-2.10 (Mu)g g [?]1 ) and DNoP-d 4 ( 0-0.21 (Mu)g g [?]1 ) and in shellfishery DEHP was found in a range of 0-2.01 (Mu)g g [?]1 ,DNoP ( 0-2.10 (Mu)g g [?]1 ) and DNoP-d 4 as 0-0.21 (Mu)g g [?]1, DEHP was 02.50 (Mu)g g [?]1 , DNoP as 0-2.30 (Mu)g g [?]1 ) and DNoP-d 4 was 0-0.19 (Mu)g g [?]1.