DNPCDirection Nationale du Patrimoine Culturel (French: National Directorate of Cultural Heritage; Mali)
DNPCDiabetes Natural Path Center (Sacramento, CA)
DNPCDynamique Naturelle de la Parole en Catéchèse (French: Dynamic Nature of the Word Catechesis)
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bombards Amongo and DNPC with all sorts of imagined and concocted accusations to harass them in the hope that (they) would succumb to the pressure, disband, dissolve, give up and allow DPC to take over,' the complaint read.
In a Facebook post on June 6, Egco branded DNPC's certificate of incorporation as 'japeyks (fake)' and said the club's members were just targeting the campaign fund to bag advertising deals through the publication of an 'Interior Gazette.
But the DNPC, which described itself as a private nonstock association, said Egco should 'stop interfering in the affairs of private persons and organizations, if he wants his office respected.'
In a statement, Egco dismissed the DNPC complaint as 'a smear campaign against me, intended to fend off the filing of appropriate charges against them.'
They were accused of being "felons, usurpers, forgers and perjurers," and that DNPC members are collecting advertisement fee of P70,000 per page.
Amongo and the DNPC also made a "hostile" takeover of the Media Center of the 9th Floor of the Napolcom Building, and Egco accused them of being "hao shiao," which is a Chinese term widely used by the media for fly-by-night or bogus reporters.
In a statement issued by the PTFoMS, Amongo's case was brushed aside as a "diversionary tactic" meant to draw attention away from the investigation that will be conducted by the Task Force (TF) based a Board Resolution of the DPC, since the DNPC is "harassing" legitimate media workers.