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DNQDid Not Qualify
DNQDoes Not Qualify
DNQDo not Quote
DNQDearly Not Queerly
DNQDo Not Quit
DNQDetected, Not Quantified (lab analysis)
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Best finish: Semi-finals (2001) Last season: DNQ Form guide: 4th (P6 W3) Player to watch: Danny Cipriani (Eng)
To test for ability differences, we compared participation rates of QNA and DNQ students.
Intermediate boys' 400m Tom Challis heat 51.05, semi-final 51.07 dnq; 3000m 22 Danny Mills 9-17.72; high jump 8 Josh Guest 1.87.
The changeover was not simple, however, because DNQs do not inhibit PHS like they do novolak resins.
Senior girls: 400m Hollie Owen (Queen Elizabeth) 59.02 heat dnq; 1500m Amy Gibson (North Warwicks College) 4-38.44 heat dnq.
HOLLAND 1974 WC: R/up 1976 EC: 3rd place 1978 WC: R/up 1980 EC: Group 1982 WC: DNQ 1984 EC: DNQ 1986 WC: DNQ 1988 EC: Winners 1990 WC: Last 16 1992 EC: Semis 1994 WC: Q/finals 1996 EC: Q/finals 1998 WC: 4th place 2000 EC: Semis 2002 WC: DNQ 2004 EC: Semis 2006 WC: Last 16 2008 EC: Q/finals 2010 WC: R/up 2012 EC: Group stg 2014 WC: 3rd place 2016 EC: DNQ ENGLAND 1974 WC: DNQ 1976 EC: DNQ 1978 WC: DNQ 1980 EC: Group 1982 WC: Group 2 1984 EC: DNQ 1986 WC: Q/finals 1988 EC: Group 1990 WC: 4th place 1992 EC: Group 1994 WC: DNQ 1996 EC: Semis 1998 WC: Last 16 2000 EC: Group 2002 WC: Q/finals 2004 EC: Q/finals 2006 WC: Q/finals 2008 EC: DNQ 2010 WC: Last 16 2012 EC: Q/finals 2014 WC: Group 2016 EC: Last 16 It is difficult for England in big tournaments but football is developing there
LAST SEASON Prem 2nd Championship FA Cup 3rd rnd Carling Cup 1st rnd Europe DNQ
Other Warwickshire: 200m heats Luke Lennon-Ward 22,25 dnq; 800m heats Nick Lyster 2-00.47 dnq; 400m hurdles heats Brenton Hardware 58.05 dnq; long jump 13 Jamie Blundell 6.72; javelin 13 Glyn Hollingworth 58.21.
BEST PRICE 1,000-1 MANAGER Alan Curbishley (from Dec 06) LAST SEASON Prem 10th FA Cup 3rd rnd Carling Cup QF Europe DNQ
Other local details: 100m heats Srdjan Dragutinovic ((Cov) 11.22 dnq, Leroy Campbell (Rug) 11.50 dnq.
This season: Australia ret'd, Brazil ret'd, Argentina 14th, San Marino ret'd, Spain dnq, Monaco dnq, Canada 8th, France ret'd.