DNREDepartment of Natural Resources and Environment (Victoria, Australia)
DNREDistal Negative Regulatory Element
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(1) There have been numerous changes in the agency name over time, including: DNRE; Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE); Department of Environment and Primary Industry (DEPI); Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP).
The central premise of the Victorian River Health Strategy, the government policy for caring for river ecosystems, is that, as well as having economic value, "the flow of a river is also fundamental to its ecology" (DNRE, 2002, page 56).
Staff members from the Cockatoo Mitigation Project of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment (DNRE) were instrumental in coordinating access to birds in the field, and their input is gratefully acknowledged.
Michigan DNRE awards grants to reimburse owners of selected scrap tire collection sites for expenses of transporting of scrap tires from selected sites, processing scrap tires by a Michigan scrap tire processor, and delivery of scrap tires by the processor to an approved end-user.
"Hunters often don't file a complaint because they feel foolish or believe nothing can be done about it," said DNRE conservation officer (CO) Bobbi Lively.
The whales surface nearby and Ian Westhorpe, a DNRE fisheries officer, steers the boat parallel to them and at a signal from Nick Gales suddenly cuts in close to the nearest whale.
Region 5 spokesman Mick Hans reports that EPA and Michigan DNRE have been overseeing work by Dow Chemical Co.
The Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment (Michigan DNRE) is seeking proposals by June 4 for an estimate of costs to operate a solid waste data measurement system.
(A) Rutherglen Research Institute, DNRE, RMB 1145, Chiltern Valley Road, Rutherglen 3685, Australia.
The New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources & Energy (DNRE) is responsible for all aspects of forest management including timber, wildlife, recreation, and forest biodiversity on Crown land (NBDNRE 1995).