DNRPDepartment of Natural Resources and Parks
DNRPDefense National Relocation Program
DNRPDepartment of Natural Resource Protection (Broward County, FL)
DNRPDoD (Department of Defense) National Relocation Program (US DoD)
DNRPDanish National Registry of Patients (est. 1977)
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Five major agencies produced 84.1 percent of all the responses: WTD (9 percent), DNRP (28.8 percent), Department of Assessment (DOA) (19.2 percent), Facilities Management Division (FMD) (3.4 percent), and the DOT (23.7 percent).
Once they have orders in hand, employees can go to the DNRP Web site at http://www.nab.usace.army.mil/dnrp/ and download the application form.
Defense National Relocation Program -- DNRP is a DOD program designed to facilitate the sale (or buy) employees' homes at their old duty stations, and help them find homes at their new duty stations.
Based on the terminology of Haygarth and Sharpley (2000), the TP minus MRP fraction shall be termed unreactive P (UP), which includes dissolved organic P (DOP), soluble organic P (SOP), and dissolved non-reactive P (DNRP).