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DNRSDomain Name Registry System
DNRSDoro Noise Reduction System (Doro; various locations)
DNRSDay/Night Range Sight
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It is noteworthy that, although the percentage of DNRs in the different services exceeded 50%, in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit it reached only 26%.
He also noted that we'll see more privatization of wildlife and continued pressure to move control of penned wildlife from our DNRs to agriculture.
The Crosiers' believed legislation was needed to expose the practice of futile care policies and stop the issuance of unilaterally-issued DNRs. They began in Missouri in 2014, but certain medical interests were opposed and the measure has not yet been able to secure committee passage.
The last thirty-five years have witnessed court attempts to set rules concerning DNRs and the removal of life support.
This is especially true for the elderly and those suffering from dementia, when - even without a Do Not Resuscitate Order (DNR) - in place, doctors decide, often without consulting relatives, that resuscitation would not benefit a patient.
Yngve, biology teachers and students at Grantsburg, Amery, Breck and Webster high schools and MN and WI DNRs for assisting with research and manuscript preparation.
There has been much confusion related to Do Not Resuscitate orders, or DNRs, within the medical community and when they are effective outside a hospital.
persons, which for purposes of this article would also include ISPs and DNRs, to block property and interests in property--including "services of any nature whatsoever," (137) belonging to the designated sanctions targets.