DNRTDutch National Racing Team (Netherlands)
DNRTDartmouth Natural Resources Trust (Massachusetts)
DNRTDigital Noise Riding Threshold
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Techniques previously employed for establishment of an accurate signal threshold include provision of an operator-adjustable threshold, presetting of the threshold level for each RF band being converted to the baseband or the use of a digital noise riding threshold (DNRT).
The DNRT samples a serial sequence of digital RF amplitude measurements, averaging the noise level present over some period of time (usually 3 msec), then adding a predetermined offset to the average noise level to establish the desired operating RF SNR.
In operation, the RF amplitude data input to the DNRT is not sampled during the time that a signal is present to preclude the DNRT from "ramping up" on CW, strong pulsed signals or pulse Doppler signals.
Some desensitization will always occur in practical receivers which use the DNRT.