DNSIDirection Nationale de la Statistique et de l'Informatique (French: National Directorate of Statistics and Informatics; Mali)
DNSIDirect-Normal Solar Irradiance (solar energy)
DNSIDiscrimination and National Security Initiative (Pluralism Project; Harvard University; Cambridge, MA)
DNSIDefense Nuclear Surety Inspection
DNSIDigital Network Services, Inc.
DNSIDefense Nuclear Standardization Inspection
DNSIDigital Network System Information
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Two types of measurements were made in order to gauge their effect on our results, GHSI and DNSI. It was generally found that DNSI and GHSI produced similar results, with DNSI performing slightly worse.
The primary sector employs 83.4% of the active population (Finance law of 2006) and generates over 30% of GDP (DNSI 2005-2006 economic accounts).
(DNSI), began service on January 3 with management and staff entirely in the hands of journalists with disabilities.
The houses that were constructed in the process of community-building by DNSI have now become valued assets for the entire neighborhood.