DNSODomain Name Supporting Organization
DNSODomain Name Supporting Organization (ICANN)
DNSODefense Network Systems Organization
DNSODanish National Symphony Orchestra (est. 1925)
DNSODoctoral Nursing Student Organization (est. 1989)
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As noted above, ICANN's bylaws give the supporting organizations primary authority for policy development in their areas of expertise.(256) The recitations in the bylaws suggest that as a general matter, ICANN can take no substantive action relating to domain names unless it has received a recommendation to that effect from the DNSO.(257) As the only specialist body within ICANN concerned with domain names, and the only supporting organization that has essayed actual policymaking, the DNSO is worthy of careful study.
The election was suspended Friday following a "technical glitch" whereby the vote of one of the electorate which is the 19-member names council that runs the DNSO apparently went to the wrong candidate, although no details of exactly how the glitch effected the elections are available.
One of the 19-strong 'electorate' which make up the names council (NC), which runs the DNSO, appeared to cast a vote for an American candidate, Karl Auerbach.
In order to become a nominee, each needed to get emails of support from at least 10 valid individuals, who must be either a member of the DNSO's general assembly mailing list; a subscriber to its "announce" list, or a subscriber to one of the mailing lists of one of the DNSO's seven constituencies.
Finally, ICANN recognized its seventh constituency with the DNSO, the non-commercial domain name holders constituency, but only on a temporary basis at this stage.
ICANN board member Hans Kraaijenbrink said the reason for not discussing it at this time was "judicial" and the matter should be left to the DNSO itself.
At the ICANN meeting in Berlin in May ICANN's interim chair Esther Dyson said the board would ask NSI to only send one representative to the DNSO's names council, rather than the three to which it is entitled under the ICANN bylaws.
On intellectual property and trademarks, Dyson explains that the white paper asked the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) to look into the areas where trademarks, which it did, and the ICANN board accepted most of its findings, passing the rest on to the domain name supporting organization (DNSO), which will form policy in this area and then make recommendations to the ICANN board.
To Network Solutions Inc's fury and to the resigned frustration of Michael Sondow of the International Congress of Independent Internet Users (ICIIU), two NSI representatives and Sondow were barred from participating in a teleconference held by the provisional Names Council, part of the Domain Name Supporting Organization (DNSO) of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.
The other six constituencies that will make up ICANN's domain name supporting organization (DNSO), which presented proposals at this week's meeting, have all been recognized by the board.
It was agreed that only individuals should be allowed membership at this time, with organizations joining one of the Domain Name Supporting Organization's (DNSO) seven constituency groups.
The ICANN board set a lunchtime deadline for proposals from groups wishing to form one of the seven constituencies that will make up the Domain Name Supporting Organization (DNSO): registrars, ISPs, generic top level domain (gTLD) name holders, country code TLD name holders, commercial interests, trademark holders and non-commercial domain name holders (NCDNH).