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DNSPDiplôme National Supérieur Professionnel (French: Higher National Professional Diploma)
DNSPDistribution Network Service Provider
DNSPDirection Nationale de la Sante Publique (French)
DNSPDirecteur National de Sante Publique (French)
DNSPDistributed Networked Services Platform
DNSPDraft National Slum Policy (India)
DNSPDomestic Non Scheduled Passenger
DNSPDynamical Nuclear-Spin Polarization
DNSPDirector of the National Service Police
DNSPDuitse Nationaal Socialistische Partij
DNSPDynamic Near Shortest Path
DNSPDänische Nationalsozialistische Partei
DNSPDepartment of National Service of Police (Bulgaria)
DNSPDraft National Strategic Plan (Trinidad & Tobago)
DNSPDepartamente Nacional de Salud Publica (Portugese)
DNSPDansyl Protamine
DNSPDomain Name Server Proxy
DNSPDemandes de Soins Non Programmés (French)
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The DNSP invited the American nurse Ethel Parsons to train the first groups.
The sanitarians from the DNSP who had received training in public health were recruited to head the Federal Health Stations in the states or worked in the recently-created national services.
Em que: [h.sub.100] = altura dominante; I = idade; DNSP = variavel dummy paia especies (Pinus elliottii = 0 e Pinus taeda = 1); DNIS = variavel dummy para nivel de degradacao do solo (Medio = 0 e Baixo = 1).
According to the company, BT Wholesale becomes a supplier of Government Conveyance Network (GCN) services which will interconnect PSN Direct Network Service Providers (DNSPs), which in turn are supplying government departments and local authorities throughout the UK.
BT said it expects there will be up to 20 DNSPs in the PSN market and they will pay GCN service providers for access to the interconnection 'gateway' service.
A estrutura do DNSP envolvia tres diretorias -- Diretoria dos Servicos Sanitarios Terrestres na Capital Federal, Diretoria de Defesa Sanitaria Maritima e Fluvial e a Diretoria do Saneamento e Profilaxia Rural (5) -- com acoes especificas, divididas fisicamente entre a capital federal, os portos e a area rural.
Another important category of birds in DSNP are the extreme lowland specialists (Wells 1985), many of which are globally (near)threatened, and 33 species (67% of Borneo's total; excludes 7 unconfirmed species) occur in the DNSP. These species generally do not occur at altitudes above the hill-foot boundary and are especially vulnerable to the proceeding destruction of lowland forest in Borneo.