DNSRDefence Nuclear Safety Regulator (UK)
DNSRDirectorate of Nuclear Substance Regulation (Canada)
DNSRDo Not Spam Registry (anti-spam group)
DNSRDirectorate of Nuclear Safety Research
DNSRDomain Name Service Request (form)
DNSRDe Negocios Socialmente Responsables (Spanish: Socially Responsible Business Developer)
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This needs to be revised and reissued, after which the DNSR and ONR will reinspect as a basis for providing consent to use Loch Goil on a case-by-case basis.
Emergency exercises at Loch Ewe have been plagued with problems for years, prompting the DNSR to secretly ban submarines from the loch in 2008.
The DNSR have also ordered an emergency exercise at the nuclear weapons depot at Coulport, near Faslane, to be rerun.