DNSSDomain Name Search Software (Nsasoft)
DNSSDefense Navigation Satellite System
DNSSDrive Noise Suppression System (IBM Corp.)
DNSSDub Narcotic Sound System (band)
DNSSDepartment of Natural and Social Sciences (various locations)
DNSSDaily Nasal Symptom Severity
DNSSDevelopment of National Sports Structure (International Olympic Committee)
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The questionnaire that was used to assess the correlation with depression and the presence of neuropathy was the DNSS, which consists of answering yes or no to the following items: 1) unsteadiness on walking (desequilibrio ao caminhar in Portuguese), 2) pain, burning, or aching legs or feet, 3) prickling sensations in the legs or feet, and 4) numbness of the legs or feet.
For a significance level of 5%, 90% power, an estimated prevalence of 72% of a positive DNSS, and a 25% difference between groups we found 174 to be the appropriate number of patients.
One of the DNSs, Malia Debriacher, who is Tokelauan, recently established a nurse-led diabetes clinic at a Pacific health service in the community.
Attending meetings are a normal part of the weekly routine for the DNSs. These are held weekly for nurse clinical reviews and weekly with the endocrinologists.
DNSs are labor-intensive and, in many cases, skills and human capital-intensive as well.
Conversely, by 2005, DNSs increase both their GDP share (to over 40%) and their share in total services (to just over 50%), and subsequently maintain these gains.
This gives the decision maker not only the opportunity to reduce social costs, but also to change the long-term goal from moderating the epidemic to eradicating the epidemic for a range of initial states located between the two Skiba points DNSS and [A.sup.2P.sub.DNSS] (see figure 2).
The bad news is, even if the policy makers know their drug problem is growing, they will not generally know where the DNSS threshold is, so they cannot determine whether the best course is eradication or accommodation; the model is too stylized and both parameters and current use levels are too imperfectly estimated to identify the location of the DNSS threshold in real time in practice.
The DNSS also collected marijuana use data from "special" youthful populations, including bar-goers, students participating in truancy projects, marginalized youth, club attendees, school dropouts, detainees, and coffee shop attendees.
The pilot project enabled 15 DNSs across six sites to be authorised by the Nursing Council to prescribe relevant medicines and devices.
Previous research undertaken in 2009 described significant variation in the numbers of DNSs employed at district health boards (DHBs).
Under the original project, 12 DNSs at Auckland, Hawke's Bay, Palmerston North and Hutt Valley DHBs became designated prescribers of common diabetes medications.