DNSTDepollution Nettoyage Stands de Tirs (French waste management company)
DNSTDivision of Network Systems and Telecommunications
DNSTDepartment of Nuclear Science and Technology (Royal Naval College; UK)
DNSTDulles National Soccer Tournament (Virginia Youth Soccer Association)
DNSTDepartment of Naval Science and Tactics (Philippines)
DNSTDirect Numerical Simulation of Transition
DNSTDisabled National Ski Team (Cross Country Canada)
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To determine how large the PV projects can be put into effect at the proposed installation site without violating the voltage limits, a large scale PVGS installed at PUB DNST in Kiribati was selected as a case study for computer simulation.
Based on the PUB DNST network topology and hourly loading, the load flow simulation results in Figure 4 show the voltage profile of the buses while regulating the voltage at G2-4 and G1 to 1.03 p.u.
The purpose of this scenario is to analyze how much benefit that PUB DNST may take from installation of the proposed PVGS system.