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Algorithms Recognition rate NMF 79.19% DNMF 92.06% DNTF 95.24% NMFOS 89.06% FisherNMF 92.06% GDONTF 97.07%
Analysis of all requirements occurs at the provincial level, except for the concession management plan, which is analysed at central level, by the National Directorate of Forests and Lands (DNTF) under the Ministry of Agriculture (MINAG).
In 2009, almost 20% of the 167 forest concessions in Mozambique were allocated in Cabo Delgado; the other hotspots being Zambezia (26.3%) and Sofala (17.4%) (DNTF 2009).
Although supposedly a pre-condition for granting concessions, at least until 2009, 55% of all forest concessions had no management plan (DNTF 2009).
In this context, the current government initiative to review existing forest concessions with the intention to cancel those underperforming (DNTF pers.
Available official data for Mozambique suggests a total of 364 forest enforcement agents in 2006 (DNTF 2006), which means one officer would on average be responsible for 110,000 hectares of forests, and for even higher surfaces in the provinces of Niassa, Tete, Cabo Delgado, and Zambezia.
Our work schedule was tightly bound around the dreaded date of April 26, 2010, when the top brass of MCA and DNTF would assemble to hear our story, together with representatives of donor agencies involved in land issues: FAO; the Dutch Directorate-General for International Cooperation (DGIS); NGOs involved in the Land Law, technical people; and the imple menters from Britain and Mozambique.
However, we had not been able to meet with the top government people from MCA or DNTF one on one.
There was no champion amongst MCA or DNTF to grasp the design and emphasis of the strategy, to bring it to life, to keep it on track as conditions changed without losing sight of the principles that guided it.
Did we fail to engage the major actors in Mozambique (MCA, DNTF) about the importance of this element, or did they reject it with a clear understanding or under the spell of deliverable fixation?