DNTSDiplôme National de Technologie Spécialisé (French: National Diploma in Specialized Technology)
DNTSDenso Thermal Systems (Italy)
DNTSDe-Notified Tribe (India)
DNTSDouble Needle Top Stitch (fashion)
DNTSDirector Naval Transportation Service (US Navy)
DNTSDuy Ngan Technology Solutions (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)
DNTSDouble-Negative T cells (cell type)
DNTSDover National Test Site
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The lpr/lpr and gld/gld mice have been used as ALPS disease models with the defects of Fas-mediated apoptosis, and they displayed not only a raised DNT subset but also abnormal lymphoproliferation and systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) [14, 15].
Some words have a dual status, being either Numerical Tautonyms or Numerical Palindromes (or both) as well as DNTs:
(83) "Kratkii otchet nachal'nika Dagestanskoi oblasti so vremeni ee obrazovaniia po l noiabria 1869 goda" (Institut istorii, antropologii i emografii Dagestanskogo nauchnogo tsentra Rossiiskoi akademii nauk [RF IIAE DNTs RAN] f.
At the time of ORD's recommendation, EPA only "conditionally required" DNTs, typically only when other tests "indicate[d] the potential for adverse functional developmental effects." See McGarity, supra note 100, at 142-43.