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DNWDix Noonan Webb (UK)
DNWDomain Name Wire (website)
DNWDeep N-Well (semiconductors)
DNWDo Not Want
DNWDoes Not Work
DNWDiscretionary Net Worth
DNWDeutsch-Niederländische Windkanäle
DNWDo Not Worry
DNWDirectional Networking Waveform (US DoD)
DNWDEBKA-Net-Weekly (online publication; Middle East concentration)
DNWDid Not Work
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Lorber, "Aerodynamic results of a pressure-instrumented model rotor test at the DNW," Journal of the American Helicopter Society, vol.
The ring will feature in DNW's Jewellery, Watches and Objects of Vertu sale in London on September 10.
Christopher Hill, client services director for DNW, said of the Victoria Cross: "We're very happy it has gone to a good home - a private collector who will display it at a museum."
Band Ashokan will be headlining with new boy band DNW and Taro Nol.
Slightly larger than a current penny and weighing just 4.31 grams, it sold last month for PS552,000 - five times the estimate - at specialist Mayfair-based auctioneers Dix Noonan Webb (DNW).
DNW will run the fair on a not-for-profit basis "to benefit the medal collecting community, ensuring that it remains at the Victory Services Club" in central London, its home for more than 30 years.
The HART experiment was performed in the open-jet anechoic chamber of the German-Dutch wind tunnel (DNW) in 1994.
At DNW Outdoors in Jonesboro, Ark., General Manager Graham Eldridge is seeing the same trend of customers moving to higher-end items.
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