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X-ray structure of the DNase I-d(GGTATACC)2 complex at 2-3-A resolution.
The isolated mRNA was then treated with a TURBO DNA-free kit, followed by DNase inactivation to remove DNA contamination.
A distinct band of high molecular weight ~ 23 kb is seen along the RNA isolated with Blumberg and Lodish method (excluding the suggested step of DNAse treatment) (Figure 2, lane 1) {though the genome size is 34 Mb but in the procedure genomic DNA appears to be about 23 kb} which is not detectable in the case of RNA isolated by the modified method (Figure 2, lane 2).
To measure whether ample DNase I can clear the decks and prevent such an onslaught, the researchers created mice that lack the enzyme and compared them with healthy mice.
DNase Sdal provides selection pressure for a switch to invasive group A streptococcal infection.
DNase I is a naturally occurring body enzyme that chops up DNA, a major constituent of the sticky phlegm that accumulates in the lungs and other organs of cystic fibrosis patients.
The second 50 [micro]L was incubated in 2-mL deep-well plates with 12 [micro]L DNase I Mix (1 [micro]L DNase I, RNase free; 5 [micro]L 10x DNase I buffer; and 5 [micro]L water; Ambion/Applied Biosystems) to remove genomic DNA for subsequent mRNA expression analysis.
aureus colonies were confirmed with a latex agglutination test (Staphaurex Plus; Murex Diagnostics Ltd, Dartford, UK), a tube coagulase test with rabbit plasma, and DNase (DNase agar; Oxoid Ltd, Basingstoke, UK).
To help clear the lungs, scientists are experimenting with twice daily inhalations of a genetically engineered, DNA-destroying enzyme called human DNase.
Produced in a modern class 7 cleanroom production facility, the cryotubes are certified RNase/ DNase free and non-toxic.
To minimize DNA contamination, we treated the eluted RNA preparation with DNase I (Invitrogen) (see Methods in the online Data Supplement).