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DNase IIbeta distribution and activity in the mouse lens.
Unfortunately, Lauren was unable to benefit from early use of respiratory therapies like tobramycin, hypertonic saline, and recombinant human DNase. She began these treatments after developing advanced lung disease.
G- actin content determined by DNAse I inhibition assay showed no significant changes in the level of actin contents in cirrhotic patients when compared to that of normal subjects.
For this exercise, students treat their purified plasmid (transforming factor) with amylase, protease, DNase, or RNase, and then perform a transformation.
The team also inserted the DNase gene into benign bacteria that normally lack the enzyme.
* CF patients with chronic productive cough may benefit from a trial of daily inhaled DNase. N-acetylcysteine and nebulized hypertonic saline are being studied as alternative mucolytics.
The ultra-low TOC biological models produce pyrogen-free water with no Rnase or Dnase activity.
Some of the remaining isolates appeared to produce DNAse at reduced levels.
* When total bacteria from soil were isolated, treated with DNAse (enzyme which breaks down DNA) to remove free DNA, 2 out of 7 samples were found to contain GM construct after 18 months.
Health chiefs at first refused Gavin, now 16, the treatment because of the pounds 7000 cost of the unproven drug DNase. She said: "When the NHS is so short of money, it does not seem the wisest use of resources."
RNase and DNase, ubiquitous enzymes in the typical lab environment that degrade RNA and DNA, sharply reduce yields and product quality.
In some experiments, immobilized DNA was incubated with 10 units of DNase I in 200 [[micro]liter] of the following solution: 50 [[micro]molar] Tris - pH 8.0, 10 mM Mn[Cl.sub.2], 50 [[micro]gram]/mL bovine serum albumin (BSA).