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DOADead on Arrival
DOADead or Alive
DOADivision of Administration
DOADay of Application
DOADepartment Of Agriculture
DOADomaine de l'Angoisse (French: Domain of Anguish)
DOADefective on Arrival
DOADowagiac (Amtrak station code; Dowagiac, MI)
DOADamaged on Arrival (product shipments)
DOADate of Access
DOADistributed Objects and Applications
DOADate of Assessment (various locations)
DOADrug of Abuse
DOADepartment of Aviation
DOADivision of Aviation (various locations)
DOADate of Award
DOADepartment of Airports
DOADate of Accident (insurance term)
DOADeath of Autotune (Jay-Z song)
DOADate of Availability
DOADocuments on Acceptance
DOADirect Oracle Access
DOADepth of Anesthesia (healthcare)
DOADose of Advice (Internet slang)
DOADelegation Of Authority
DOADepartment on Aging
DOADisposizioni Organizzative Annuali (Italian: Annual Organizational Provisions)
DOADogs on Acid (dance music forum)
DOADate of Arrival
DOADepartment of Archeology (various locations)
DOADesign Organisation Approval
DOADispatch of Army (gaming)
DOADirector of Administration
DOADaily Outlook Afghanistan (news outlook)
DOADuration of Action (pharmacology)
DOADean of Academics (various universities)
DOADaughters of Artemis (gaming)
DOADegree of Actuation (machine science)
DOADelusions of Adequacy (band)
DOADominant Optic Atrophy (ophthalmology)
DOADenial of Access
DOADécouverte des Orgues d'Alsace (French: Discovery of Organs in Alsace)
DOADawn of Aces (game)
DOADate of Appointment
DOADécompensation Oedémato-Ascitique (French: Congestive Edema and Ascites)
DOADeutsch Ostafrika (German East Africa, modern Tanzania)
DOADefenders of Azeroth (gaming guild)
DOADynamo Open Air
DOADead-On Alignment
DOADen of Angels (web forum)
DOADelegation Option Authorization
DOADutch Occultation Association (astronomy; Roden, Netherlands; est. 1946)
DOADaughters of America
DOADisciples of Annihilation (techno band)
DOADemande d'Opérations AFNIC (Association Française pour le Nommage Internet en Coopération; French: Request for Operations AFNIC)
DOADictionary of Acronyms
DOADegenerative Osteoarthritis
DOADepartment of Occult Armament (Hyrda)
DOADomination Over Anything
DOADays of Ammunition
DOADegree of Angle
DOADate of Applicability
DOADeed of Agreement (contract)
DOADeLorean Owners Association
DOADedicated Outdoor Air (heating/ventilation/air conditioning)
DOADedicated Otaku Anime (Japanese Animation club; University of Calgary)
DOADegenerate Overclockers Anonymous
DOADepartment of Administration (Montana)
DOADaughters of Abraham
DOADoor Open Alarm
DOADeposit Only Account
DOADogbert Outplacement Agency (Dilbert)
DOADisciples of Anarchy (gaming)
DOADen of Assassins (gaming clan)
DOADynamic Obstacle Avoidance
DOADirect Obligation Authority
DOADesired Order of Arrival
DOADynasty of Assassins (gaming)
DOADistrict Officers Association
DOADenial of Age
DOADomain Operational Architecture
DOADesignated/Delegated Option Authorization
DOADesignated Overhaul Activity
DOADenrée d'Origine Animale (French: Food of Animal Origin)
DOADisciples Of Apocalypse (WWF wrestlers)
DOADirection Of Arrival
DOADepartment of Accounts
DOADevils on Asphalt (motorcycle club)
DOADepartment Of the Army
DOADriver of Automobile
DOADepartment of Appeals
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The Drugstore Owners Association (DOA) was established in 1972 as a non-profit NGO to manage the relationship among the major pharmaceutical importers and distributors in Jordan as well as represent their professional and commercial interests with the public and private sector entities in the health care field.
Globaltech's DOA in those areas has already expired!
Touching further on the Concession Agreement and DoA, the committee minced no words in stating that 'without doubt, it remains the most contentious document, with conflicting interpretations on various issues, and that the DoA, as executed, did not reflect the objectives of the GPHA master plan.
If the absolute value of the right side in (6) is larger than 0.5, d/[lambda] being smaller than 0.5 will result in no solutions for [theta] and [theta]' in (6), that is, no ambiguity in DOA determination.
For his part, Robert Kahn, co-inventor of the Internet protocol and President of the Dona Foundation, pointed out that the option for Tunisia to ink the DOA convention is motivated by the existence of a propitious basis for the implementation of this new system and notably the availability of Tunisian competences who can manage and exploit it.
And at the centre of the action is Emily, the original DOA superhero, who was born with spina bifida and has a flying wheelchair.
She informed the participants that around 1000 nomad children were getting education in 12 schools being managed by the DoA, adding that the organization was also operating three sewing centres and five computer centres.
Rufruf Chief Advisor, DoA hosted the ceremony while the students of DOA performed various skit.
The creative minds at AXT then teamed up with the innovators at Arizona Archery Enterprises (AAE), bringing the latter's DOA" trigger technology to the Recon.
In the array signal processing, as a kernel technology, direction of arrival (DOA) estimation for narrowband plane wave has received a significant amount of attention and it has been extensively applied in the field of radar, mobile communication, sonar, and seismology.
Under large and medium size apertures, the spherical wave model of acoustic source is applied to microphone arrays for high performance of direction of arrival (DOA) estimation [9,10].