DOASDivision of Administrative Services (various locations)
DOASDepartment of Administrative Services
DOASDifferential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy
DOASDeath of A Salesman (book/play)
DOASDifferential Optical Absorption Spectrometer
DOASDedicated Outdoor/Outside Air System (HVAC)
DOASDefault Option-Adjusted Spread
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Ultimately, searching top P values of this function and the corresponding angles are the estimation values of DOAs.
which contains the DOAs of the acoustic source n by each array.
Computationally less demanding estimation procedures such as the Capon Beamformer [10] and the MUSIC [11] methods allow evaluating the DOAs of incoming radio signals by computing the location of peaks in the energy spectrum, but they feature limitations in the DOA estimation accuracy that are related to spatial resolution.
Though the DOAs will change between two consecutive snapshots in high dynamic environment, the changing is limited by the relative moving speed and relative distance between receiver and transmitter.
DOAS has also launched an indiegogo campaign to finance its visit to CCF's International Research and Education Centre to collect the DNA samples.
Compared to the state-of-the-art estimation methods (e.g., the multiple signal classification (MUSIC) [8], the signal parameters via rotational invariance technique (ESPRIT) [9], the maximum likelihood (ML) DoAs estimators [10], and the class of techniques based on learning-by-examples (LBE) strategies [11-13]), CS-based approaches have shown several interesting advantages.
DOA Ultimate is precisely NOT that, and the only thing that keeps this lifeless revamp hobbling along is the lukewarm self assurance it gets from bathing in its own mediocrity.
In contrast, a DOAS allows the building designer to decouple the latent and sensible loads, using separate systems to control temperature, ventilation, and dehumidification.
The government's goal to get out of the housing business cannot be accomplished and the market will not operate efficiently without DOAs taking responsibility for the commons.
Though design phase calculations assumed that all the necessary cooling would be provided by TABS, the measured values indicate that 40% of the coolingwas provided by the DOAS.
which means that the minima of [f.sub.Proposed]([theta]) over half of the angular field of view, that is, [-[pi]/2,0 or [0, [pi]/2], is either true DOAs or their images.
For this study, a 42 kW VRF with a DOAS (Dedicated Outdoor Air System) was installed (Figures 1(a)-1(c)); the existing RTU system served as the baseline system.