DOAUDead or Alive Ultimate (game)
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The project aims to to double Turkey's irrigable farmland but has not been compelted.Dicle Elektrik provides electricity for 1 million subscribers living in the southeastern cities of DiyarbakA[+ or -]r, AanlA[+ or -]urfa, Mardin, Batman, Siirt and AA[+ or -]rnak, where the loss and leakage rate is the highest in Turkey at 70 percent.The A[degrees]Akaya DoAu joint venture has recently acquired the operational rights of the grid after a failed privatization attempt by the government in 2010.
The majority of the conditioned area in the case-study building (i.e., 23,690 [m.sup.2]) is served by the Dual-Duct, Variable Air Volume (DDVAV) systems with preconditioned outside air flowing from a special dedicated outside air unit (DOAU) (not simulated).