DOCADepartment of Culture and the Arts (Australia)
DOCADouble Cabin
DOCADepartment of Constitutional Affairs (UK)
DOCADeed of Company Arrangement
DOCADirector of Corporate Administration (Regional District of Kootenay Boundary; Canada)
DOCADenver Office of Cultural Affairs (Denver, CO)
DOCADesoxycorticosterone Acetate
DOCADefense Orientation Conference Association
DOCADepartment of Cultural Affairs (Taipei City Government; Taiwan)
DOCADate Of Change of Accountability
DOCADate Of Current Appointment
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In the present study, DOCA induced hypertension, cardiac injury (increased serum CK -MB and LDH), dyslipidemia (hypercholesterolemia, hypertriglyceridemia, increased LDL-c and decreased HDL-c), lipid peroxidation (increased MDA in heart) and oxidative stress (diminished total antioxidant capacity in heart) in rats.
The clinical picture of CAH is defined by the absence of cortisol, leading to excessive secretion of ACTH and an accumulation of androgens and DOCA, and thus, patients present with alterations in sexual development, such as ambiguous genitalia in women, a large penis for their age in men, early puberty, or high stature; additionally, the accumulation of mineralocorticoids can lead to the development of hypertensive disorders and severe types of hydroelectrolytic imbalances of unclear pathophysiology (1,2,11)\In the case presented, almost complete virilization, a high stature, and hypertensive disorder were found, without an alteration of the hydroelectrolytic state.
A small area between the shoulder blades was shaved, and a 1 cm incision was made for implanting DOCA pellets to provide a dose of 1 mg/kg.
Department of Communications and the Arts (DoCA) (1994) Creative Nation: Commonwealth Cultural Policy.
endocarp on isolated rat thoracic aorta and DOCA salt-induced hypertensive rats.
To determine if there was an interaction between any of the three treatments (salt intake, DOCA, or minoxidil) a [2.sup.3] factorial analysis in a completely randomized design was performed.
O calculo do tamanho amostral levou em consideracao o numero medio de mulheres que frequentam as UAN/SESC, durante uma semana, sendo 176 a media da UAN da Rua Manoel Barata, e 111 a media da UAN da Avenida Doca de Souza Franco.
Doca Lidl A bit of a bargain if you can find it - other stockists include Londis, Nisa and Bargain Booze. | Rioja Doca Joven, Lidl | Rioja Doca Joven, Lidl WE'RE all watching our pockets at the moment.
Em funcao dos complexos fatores envolvidos no manejo de comportamentos de criancas expostas a procedimentos invasivos, muitos estudos passaram a focalizar tecnicas de distracao, relaxamento/respiracao, modelacao, reforcamento por contingencia, ensaio comportamental, alem do uso de informacoes (Linhares & Doca, 2010).
Carlos I, Doca dos Olivais THE Oceanarium was built where Lisbon had its Expo 98, on a redeveloped area of the waterfront, and is one of the biggest aquariums in Europe.
Priorat in Catalonia is one of only two Spanish wine regions to qualify for the country's top DOCa wine classification - the other being rioja.