DOCCMDocument Output for Customer Communications Management (software)
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Forrester defines DOCCM as software used to compose, format, personalise and distribute content to support physical and electronic customer communications and improve the customer experience.
The DOCCM market is segmented into structured, interactive and on-demand categories.
A segment of DOCCM poised to take off, on-demand output is triggered by multichannel requests from the Web, e-mail and front-end systems, such as ERP and CRM.
The report also states that "DOCCM has converged with enterprise content management (ECM) to meet emerging demands for interactive and on-demand output.
Forrester forecasts that over the next five years, DOCCM platforms will evolve toward broader communication needs and more tightly integrate with smart process apps built with advanced authoring, workflow, business rules, analytics, and integration with enterprise marketing platforms.