DOCMODDocumentation Modernization
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However, in the present application of DocMod, plant uptake of N is not included so the pool size of inorganic N is unrealistic.
We ran DocMod for 400 yr to produce steady states in C and N pools, then simulated clear-cutting followed by 60 yr of forest regrowth.
The cover type "coniferous forest" at 450 m elevation and higher (17.8% of the forested land) was modeled as spruce-fir in PnET-II and as 85% Abies balsamea and 15% Picea rubens litter in DocMod (Reiners and Lang 1979).
Within a forest cover type in DocMod, either higher relative rates of decay or higher litterfall fluxes (and thus greater absolute decay) produced higher fluxes of DOC and C[O.sub.2].
DocMod predicted fluxes of DOC and DON to be higher in coniferous forest than hardwood forest at all elevations, as expected.
DocMod simulations produced higher N content (as a percentage of mass of the forest floor) at higher elevations, in agreement with observations (Table 4).