DOCRDigital On-Channel Repeater (digital television)
DOCRDiscover Ontario Car Rally (Ontario Road Rally Cup; Canada)
DOCRData Operations Control Room
DOCRDepartment of Corrections and Rehabilitation (various locations)
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What are some daily challenges you face as director of the North Dakota DOCR?
The North Dakota DOCR includes both adult and juvenile community and institutional services.
What are your personal career goals and your goals for the DOCR?
I will continue to strive to make the North Dakota DOCR the best that it can be and to be active in corrections on a national level.
gain the dissenting members, and put into the hands of Docr. Franklin
This project will involve Courier, delivery and mail services between DOCR, its facilities, the State Capitol and other entities:
-Drop-off Collect Service Mail (PO Box 1898) to DOCR Building Sally Port in Bismarck
MTWTF 12:00 pm -Pick up JRCC Briefcase and Pharmacy Locked totes from DOCR Administrative building at the Pharmacy in Bismarck and Delivery to JRCC in Jamestown
MTWTF 12:30 pm -Drop-off 1 Briefcase from YCC to the DOCR Building Sally Port in Bismarck
Directional overcurrent relays (DOCRs) have been applied to the design of economical alternatives for the primary or backup protection of power systems.
Many studies on optimization have addressed the coordination of DOCRs. Since Urdaneta et al.
There are other literatures that applied the modified PSO approach for the DOCRs optimal coordination problem.