DODLDetroit Open Dart League (est. 1960; Detroit, MI)
DODLDirectorate of Open Distance Learning (India)
DODLDistributed Open Digital Library
DODLDirector of Online and Distance Learning (Oxford University; UK)
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Tanni said, "Odl Dodl Pobl is a charming way to introduce the very young to the concept of disability and inclusion."
An Innsbruck court (Oberlandesgericht) subsequently referred two questions to the ECJ: whether Ms Dodl and Ms Oberhollenzer had lost the status of 'employed persons' within the meaning of Regulation 1408/71, and which member state is primarily responsible for paying the family benefits.
In particular, the decision was taken to integrate design and implementation into a seamless phase, supported by a single hybrid language, called DODL (DOCASE Design Language).
A particular strength of DODL lies in its dual graphical and textual notation: each language element has, in addition to its textual syntax, a graphical depiction associated with it.
DODL type categories provide predefined semantics for different notions of application types captured by various language constructs.
In DODL, relation types are used to specify complex semantic relationships.
Figure 6 shows the icons associated with each of the DODL categories.
For further design-level support, DODL incorporates, as design aids, several syntactic means to deal with incompleteness of the system under development.
The way LPU is out to design its DODL is superb and it is beyond doubts that its efforts will certainly bring revolution towards this." They also explained that they imparted new techniques like Virtual Networking, Instructional Design Models & Interactive multimedia, On-line assessment and evaluation, E-portfolio and other related techniques to make learning more effective and entertaining as well.
22 -- India's Largest University, Lovely Professional University, is continuously making quality education affordable and accessible through its Directorate of Open and Distance Learning (DODL).
- Hearing C-543/03 Dodl and Oberhollenzer: Social security for migrant workers.