DODMData Orderwire Diphase Modem (US DoD)
DODMDepartment Of Defense Manual
DODMDegree of Disability Management (Bureau of Workers' Compensation; Ohio)
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(1) Circular Reglamentaria Externa DODM 144 de 2006 del Banco de la Republica de Colombia: "Los contratos de derivados financieros autorizados [...] se refieren exclusivamente a riesgos de derivados de tasa de cambio, tasa de interes e indices bursatiles.
With proper training he would have known this was the right action and who to contact within this command to report the incident, according to DoDM 5200.01 Vol.
This six-month long process begins with the NGIC employees first observing the course and culminates with their successful instruction of the course under the supervision of a fully qualified instructor IAW Draff DoDM 3305.03.