DODSCDynamic On-Demand Supply Chain
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As with all strategic process change initiatives, shifting to a rigorous model like DODSC requires that management address the change and organizational elements necessary to sustain the gains achieved.
In this case study, the key change elements included communicating, gaining management alignment to support the DODSC initiative, obtaining short term wins to build momentum and sustaining the gains to drive more support and expand the DODSC process model.
Communication--The VP of continuous improvement championed the DODSC project and reached out to her management peers to ensure that they understood the benefits of this model.
Both our consulting experience and recent change management research confirm that alignment among the management team is critical for successful implementation of new concepts such as DODSC.
The exemplars and early adopters, such as Bayer, are leveraging the DODSC concept to dramatically transform a slow moving supply chain process into an agile, flexible and profitably responsive entity.
The third DODSC component, on-demand information technology, is the enabler for the other two.
Let's assume that one day your company has all three DODSC elements in place and functioning at high levels.
As we noted earlier, DODSC is the next level of supply chain thinking.
But even in these organizations, the DODSC will not gain traction if two conditions persist: 1) insufficient financial resources dedicated to advancing the integrated approach, and 2) an organizational structure that does not easily adapt to the integrated model.