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DARTSData Archive and Transmission System
DARTSDynamic Application and Rapid Targeting System (planning software)
DARTSDesign Approach for Real-Time Systems
DARTSDays in the Arts
DARTSDirected Activities Relating to Texts
DARTSDigital Automated Radar Tracking System
DARTSDynamic Avionics Real-Time Scheduling
DARTSDeployment and Reconstitution Tracking Software
DARTSDemonstration of Advanced Reliability Techniques for Safety-Related Computer Systems
DARTSDesign Automation for Real Time Signal Processing
DARTSDemand Assessment Requirements Tracking Study
DARTSDOE Audit Reporting & Tracking System
DARTSDynamic Algorithms for Real Time Simulation
DARTSDigital Alarm, Remote Telemetry System
DARTSData Requirements Transfer System
DARTSDelivery and Return Transport System
DARTSDigital Audio Retrieval & Tracking System (GTI Inc.; Denton, Texas)
DARTSDoes Anybody Read This Stuff (Sheffield University Union Magazine)
DARTSDigital Automated Remote Test System
DARTSDelta Astrotech Reusable Transfer Stage
DARTSDisabled Aircraft Recovery Transport System
DARTSDrug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Training System
DARTSDiversified Aircrew Readiness Training
DARTSDestination Acceptance Reporting and Tracting Team