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(3) One interesting case of negative evidence is the fact that in the corpus analysed for this paper (The dictionary of Old English corpus (DOEC), The Helsinki corpus of English texts: Diachronic and dialectal (HSK), and the Anglo-Saxon dictionaries by Bosworth--Toller and Toller--Campbell) there are no instances of the caused motion construction, as happens with some PDE verbs of sound emission.
(4) swa swa drihten to his leorningcnihtum cwaed (DOEC: AECHom I, 36 B1.1.38) "As soon as God spoke to his disciples."
(5) we wyllad eow secgan be sumon gesaeligon cyninge (DOEC: AEHom 27 B1.4.27)
(6) nelle ge sprecan ongean god (DOEC: Ps GIG (Rosier) C7.8) "You will not speak against God."
paes godspelles angyt on englisc pam folce (DOEC: AELet1 (Wulfsige Xa) B1.8.1)
(9) pa ongan he mid mycelre stefne hlydan (DOEC: GD1 (C) B9.5.2)