DOEMDepartment of Education Manual (Queensland Department of Education and Training; Australia)
DOEMDesignated Officials for Environmental Matters
DOEMDistributor Original Equipment Manufacturers
DOEMDivision of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (various schools)
DOEMDepartment of Emergency Management (various locations)
DOEMDepartment of Engineering Memorandum
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Due to the high demand and popularity, Honda began converting the Civic Sedan LPG version through a DOEM business model in 2015, locally supported by 2A Mhendislik A.
Since November 1990, DOEM has identified four other cases of CO poisoning among construction workers; all required emergency medical treatment[1].
as [the Attorney General] doems necessary for carrying out his authority under the provisions of" Chapter 12, "Immigration and Nationality," of Title 8.