DOENDepartment of Energy
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The top position at the spokesman's service, formerly held by German-born Johannes Laitenberger (who is now President Jose Manuel Barroso's head of cabinet), has been split in two: Belgian national Koen Doens becomes head of the service made up of tens of spokespersons and assistants and Danish national Pia Ahrenkilde Hansen will be President Barroso's spokeswoman.
Foreign Minister Ricardo Alberto Arias, Housing Minister Francisco Sanchez Cardenez and Labor Minister Mitchell Doens turned in their resignations.
Leaders such as Balbina Herrera and Mitchell Doens have said that there are "Trojan horses" within the party who are secretly supporting President Martinelli.
Doens is of Cuban-Panamanian parentage; he served as minister of labor during the administration of former President Ernesto Balladares (1994-1999).
Doens admitted that deputies tend not to bring up issues until they have to.
He said it was easy for Doens to advise others to make the sacrifice because he did not have a US visa.
Former labor minister Mitchell Doens called the administration "incoherent," saying one thing and doing another.