DOFSDay(s) of Supply
DOFSDisplay-Only File Server (data security)
DOFSDirector of Stores (US Navy)
DOFSDepot of Supplies (US Navy)
DOFSDivision of Forensic Sciences (Georgia)
DOFSDistributed Optical Fiber Sensing
DOFSDate of First Survey
DOFSDavis Ogilvie Financial Services Ltd (New Zealand)
DOFSDepartment of Software
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The Go bill proposes the establishment of the DOFs to serve as the umbrella agency to specifically address all the issues and concerns of Filipinos abroad and their families, to afford them full protection, promote their full and just employment, mitigate the social costs back home, and serve as a channel to address OFW issues and grievances.
Likewise, smaller DOFs capacities--10 or 12 ounces--are preferred.
Similarly, since the camera has two dofs of type RR (Fig.
However, if we want to get accurate calculation results, the vehicle must be modelled in detail as well as possible, which means that the model may have many DOFs. For an accurate railway vehicle model, Zhai (2007) established a complete full-size model of railway vehicle lateral vibration they analysed movement of the wheelset, the bogie, and the car body and defined accurate primary and secondary suspension forces.
This phenomenon is attributed to the fact that the spatial DOFs for resolving 2 targets are at least 3 since the ESPRIT-like method consumes one DOF to construct the rotational invariance relationship [4], and the energy (or information) of targets is mainly included in the transformed beams around the target angle, that is, the mainbeam and its neighboring beams (assume that the mainbeam is the mth beam, and then the target information is mainly included in the (m - 1)th, mth, and (m + 1)th beams).
where j = 1,2,..., n, n is the sum of the connection substructures, [mathematical expression not reproducible] refers to the connection impedance matrix of the jth connection substructure, o denotes the DOF sum of the jth connection substructure, and [z.sub.ab] denotes the connection impedance between ath and bth DOFs that denotes the force needed to act on the bth DOF when the ath DOF happens to be a unit displacement.
Estimating additional unknown inputs by the algorithm, without measurements of the substructure interface DOFs, Lei et al.
The 4-DOF parallel mechanism is the most important kind of mechanism in the lower-mobility mechanism, which can be divided into 3T1R, 2T2R, and 3R1T according to the property of DOF. At present, the research depth and breadth of the 4-DOF SPM are far from reaching the research level of 3-DOF SPM.
Included prototypes are either intelligently controlled or have multiple DOFs and have also been experimentally validated.
Here, the (good) influence of a priori chosen primal dofs on neighboring globs can (but need not) be included.
The dynamic behavior of a structure, which is assumed to be linear and approximately discretized for n DOFs, can be described by the equations of motion: