DOFWDowntown Orlando Fashion Week (Orlando, FL)
DOFWDepartment of Fish and Wildlife
DOFWDepartment of Forestry and Wildlife (Cambodia)
DOFWDepartment of Overseas Filipino Workers (Philippines)
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Duterte, who, in his fourth State of the Nation Address, appealed to Congress to pass a law establishing the DOFW to ensure their welfare, protection, and their access to government services.'
The group explained that OFWs would benefit from a DOFW that is responsive to the needs and requirements of Filipinos working abroad and that input from all stakeholders involved in OFW deployment and placement would aid policy-makers and legislators working on legislation establishing the proposed agency.
In a statement, the Alliance of Bonafide Recruiters for OFW Advancement (Abroad), which is composed of recruitment agency groups, said the group agreed with President Duterte that there was a need for a DOFW as the President mentioned in his State of the Nation Address on July 22.
Francisco said the group is appealing to Congress to pass a law creating the DOFW 'that will be truly fair and responsive to the needs of our modern-day heroes.'
"Many of our countrymen continue to seek employment abroad in order to help their families, and the discussions leading to the creation of a DOFW will allow all the stakeholders involved OFWs, placement and recruitment agencies, legislators, policymakers, NGOs, civil society groups and the government offices involved in OFW deployment to sit down and find ways to better protect the interests of our OFWs," she added.
"Many have suggested, and I agree, that it's time we have a DOFW so we would have a Cabinet Secretary who is dedicated to the task of addressing issues of OFWs," Marcos said.